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Audiobooks for Android – How to get audiobooks on Android phone

If you want to get audiobooks on your Android phone then you should check out Audible’s audiobook app for Android.

It works great and is super easy to use.

It is the best way to get audiobooks for Android phones.

It installs fast and is simple to use. The Audiobook app has allowed me to completely get rid of my iPod and just use my Android phone to listen to my audiobooks.

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Click here to see the audiobook app for Android.

My Review of The Audible Audiobook App for Android:

I’ve been using this app for a while now and really enjoy it.  The really nice thing about it is that I don’t need to use iTunes as an intermediary like I do with my iPhone.  I can just log right into Audible browse my library and start listening.  I wish I could do that with the other phone, but that’s why I switch to the Android.

I usually use the app by loging into Audible via the app and then I can shop the store, buy new audiobooks, browse my library and listen to whatever I like.  I have full access to all these audiobooks right away.  I usually have a few credits available so I if I end up an an airport or something, and need an audiobook to pass the time I just pick what I want and start listening.

The process is really simple.  When you log in to the app, you are placed into the Audible catalog.  You can browse via best sellers and what not, or you can search for what you want.  On my other phone, if I finished a book and wanted to listen the the next book in the series I had to wait until I could get access to my laptop and download it to there first.  That was a hassle.

I’ve been listening to Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series (worth listening too) and just finished book three.  I switched over from the player to the store.  Did a quick search.  Found the book I wanted.  Hit the buy for one credit button. Hit the confirm button. And then the audio book was mine.

You can choose to only download via wifi, which is what I use most of the time.  You can also choose what download format you want.  This is really handy because it allows me to download High Quality when I have wifi.  When I just have cell connectivity I use the standard quality to reduce the download time.

There is also built in help and a user guide if you need to figure something out.

To listen to your audiobook, you just go into your library and choose the book you want to download.  As soon as you hit the download button,  a play button appears which allows you to listen while the download is in process.

The player is really nice.  I especially like the go back 30 seconds button.  I sometimes  miss what was said and need bot bounce back a bit.  It’s a nice feature.

From the player, I am able to move between chapters, bookmark and even rate the audiobook.  All pretty convenient.

The only negative that I’ve experienced is sometimes during the purchase process when you hit the confirm purchase button you get an error.  I think it must be some sort of connectivity error.  Not a big deal.  Just hit the button again and it seems to fix itself.

Overall, I give this app five stars. Click here to see the audiobook app.