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Android Audiobook Players – We Review the Best Audiobook Players for Android

Android Audiobook Player
There are a number of android audiobook players on the market place. If you do a search for android audiobook players you will find that there’s lots of missing information about these audiobook players. So We took a look at number these audiobook players to see which one is the best android audiobook player.

One that’s come to my attention is called Audiofy. The audiofy audio player says it has 24-hour wireless library. aYou can browse their collection over 13,000 titles anytime. You’re tied into their collection if you were to go the Audiofy Android audiobook player.

Another audiobook player on the market is the Audible audiobook player for android. Audible is an excellent downloadable audiobook service. You can subscribe for only $7.49 a month to get started. And their audiobook player for android is free.

There is another audiobook player called audio book player 2. This audiobook player to still needs work according to the comments. It looks like a bare-bones player. Quite simple to use.

Another android audiobook player is called bookdroid. Bookdroid is a book listener built for the android platform. This audiobook player supports all audio files. It’ll give you a personal audiobook library. You can combine all of the files into a single audiobook. It also supports bookmarking. Unfortunately bookdroid cannot be sold through the android market. BookDroid is sold through third-party. BookDroid costs three euros.

Another audiobook player I found is called Ambling book player. There are three editions of the ambling book player: a light version and a personal version which are both available on the market. The pro version will come soon. Ambling book player is a specialized audiobook player. Designed to make audiobook listening easy and simple for a everyone. It has automatic audio file handling, chapter-based navigation, bookmarking, history tracking, undo and redo, time-based navigation, notes, download manager, and audiobook player.

As you can tell there are a number of audiobook players for android available on the market. The number of android audio player seems to be increasing rapidly. So keeping abreast of the most recent audiobook players for android is quite a challenge. Our hope is to find and review new players as they emerge.

Our current assessment is that the best bet for an android audiobook player is the Audible player. Based upon it quality and ease-of-use. It seems to be the best one the market at this time. The combination of the player and Audible book catalog make this an impressive choice for an Android audiobook player.

Click here to download the Android audiobook player from Audible.

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