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Reviews of the Best Android Audio Book Apps

When I got my Android phone I was really interested in being able to listen to audio books on my android phone.Best Android Audio Book Apps

I have been big fan of audio books for a long time and it seemed really convenient to play audio books on my android as opposed to having to carry around my android and my iPod.

So, I started looking around for an android audiobook app.  I tried to figure out which was the best android audiobook app for me and I  thought I’d share the results of my findings.

The first app that really stands out for me as being the one I’ve chosen to use an and really enjoyed using is the audible android audio book.  This audiobook app for android is really great because it integrates be seamlessly with the audible service to which I’ve subsribed. BTW I also highly recommend you get and Audible subscription.  You can get audio books for r about $15 a month and a starter price of about seven or eight dollars a month.  It is great that you get a free android audiobook app with the subscription.  I can listen to audio books on my android phone.

Click here to see the audiobook app for Android.

I really enjoy that it works seamlessly with my audiobook subscriptions and have them downloaded into my audio book app for android.

This the first my first choice and the one I was highly recommend everybody.

The second app to check out is a free app to get audio books for android.  It is something called Audiobook Player 2.
It’s free with ads, and you can buy a payed version to eliminate the ads.

It really doesn’t have a lot of the bells and whistles that you want but in the end but it’s great if you actually have a lot of MP3 files on that you want to listen too.  It supports mp3’s fine, but does not support m4a files which is what most commercial audiobooks use.  M4A allows you to do things like a bookmark.

Another free on audio book app for android  that I would really recommend is just called Audiobooks. That’s the name of the app for android and it’s from the Librivox folks.  It gives you access to the classic books on the Librivox. You can get about 3000 audio books from Librivox to listen to on your android phone.

Librivox’s catalog is really worth checking out as they have tons of  classics on their site.  Some are very well read and some are not so well read, but I am sure the free checkouts are worth checking out.

One more player worth investigating is call the MortPlayer.  It started on Windows and is now available as a beta app for Android. It supports the following file types:MP3, Ogg Vorbis, M4A, 3GP, MIDI, and Wave. That should cover most the bases.

I also stumbled upon Audiofy, which is another audiobook app. The app looks good and allows you to buy audiobooks within the app, although the catalog only has 13,000 books. One other issue with this player is that the app only stores the current chapter your listening too, so that’s all you’ll be able to listen to if you’re on a plane. That doesn’t work for me. I want to be able to listen whenever I want.

Bottom line, get the Audible Android Audiobook app and the Audible service, then get the Librivox one too.

If you find another best audiobook app for Android let us know.

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